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Originally Posted by trebor8273 View Post
that is dire, its going to take a miracle for the show to survive, just think too much damage has been done by chris chibnall and the BBC agenda no what they do next season

just proves most people are sick of woke agenda, you can tell a good story with a message/agenda without the being beating around the head with terrible writing as classic who has showing
Trebor, my amazing intergalactic puppy. You are very nearly right, and some observational skills have been applied. Davies will continue on where CC left off. We'll see some better writing, and some more interesting twists and turns, but nothing in the grand scheme of Russell T. Davies will change. For me, and others to accept Dr Who back into the fold, you need to destroy the Cookoo in the nest. That shall never happen. Too much has been invested in with the agenda driven woke Who for the BBC to turn it's back on.

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