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Originally Posted by Rob4 View Post
Of course Davies is woke... he's a gay man who will obviously have met some prejudices on his way to success.

However, he's a better writer than Chibnall so hopefully he will be clever enough to put the wokeness back in the box (ahem... I mean subtext) where it belongs and concentrate on ideas, plot and character. And also even more importantly for me, tone down the prevalent wackiness and treat the drama with the seriousness it deserves.

I'm also not sure it is saveable... it has perhaps passed it's sell by date?
Stands to reason that Davies is a better writer, but Chibnall is also a rather capable writer. This notion that Chris Chibnall is a crap writer does make me laugh somewhat. The BBC, like all media corporations have obviously been given a mandate to push this agenda into the public realm for a specific reason, and individuals like Chris Chibnall are employed to carry out whatever policy the BBC wants. Moffat's era toward the end certainly prepared the viewer for a female Doctor, with a female Master. The BBC decides what it wants in terms of content, and writer or head writer/exec moves forward with that in mind. The only difference I can see with Davies coming back to Dr Who will be that the show is going to be produced independently, though the BBC will still have it's say over how that content is delivered. Everything else is for the taking. The show will probably carry on acknowledging the new revised history of Who law, and in so doing so, will shoot itself in the foot. Davies could redress the timeline, and cut out thirteenth Doctor altogether or do not acknowledge this surgically placed in muck that the BBC want's in the show. Only then could Dr Who be truly intune with the established timeline. It's ultimately up to Davies' employer to make that decision. Where the BBC stands on this issue will largely fall into the hands of the State broadcaster. You want large audiences again, then banish the agenda being pushed out continually in entertainment circles. Because it's killing off well established shows, plus many fans and audiences.

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