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Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
To celebrate Doctor Who's 58th birthday yesterday i watched The War Machines. A classic slice of sixties Doctor Who and in some ways the birth of what was to come in the show from the oncoming second Doctor era to it's revival in 2005.

It's the first story to be set purely in contemporary Britain, has the Doctor helped by the military and also friendly politician Sir Charles Sumner - certainly at odds with the bumbling bureaucrats seen during the third Doctor era who were always a hindrance rather than any sort of help
There is a fan theory that suggests this story is happening at the same time as the Patrick Troughton story 'The Evil Of The Daleks'

This is due to a line of dialogue spoken by The Doctor at the start of episode 1:

(The Tardis materialises on a pavement, startling the pigeons. The Doctor and Dodo come out and he hangs an 'Out of Order' sign on the Tardis door. A policeman is walking along the street.)
DOCTOR: Well, I suppose you know where you are, my dear.
DODO: London. Home. It's marvellous to be back. It seems ages since I left.
DOCTOR: Oh, when you've seen the ages that I've see, you won't use that term quite so freely. Anyway, I don't think it's been all that long.
DODO: Hey, what's that for?
DOCTOR: Oh, well, you see, the problem is, coming back to the twentieth century, my dear, the Tardis, I'm afraid, is often mistaken for the real police box.
(The policeman reads the sign and walks on.)
DODO: I see what you mean.
DOCTOR: Yes, and fortunately he can't get in.
DODO: If only he could. Scotland Yard whipped off into time and space.
DOCTOR: So that's it!
DODO: What? Oh, the tower. It's finished!
(The brand new Post Office Tower rises high above central London.)
DOCTOR: Isn't that interesting. Very interesting.
DODO: It's great, isn't it. Stephen would have liked it here.
DOCTOR: You know there's something alien about that tower. I can sense it.
DODO: Smells okay to me. Good old London smoke.
DOCTOR: I can feel it's got something sort of powerful. It's. Look at my skin. Look at that. I've got that pricking sensation again, the same. Just as I had when I saw the Daleks, those Daleks were near.
DODO: Daleks? Who are they?
DOCTOR: Oh, er, yes, of course, you, er, you didn't meet them, did you, child? No. No, and I pray that you never will. I really must investigate it.
(The Doctor and Dodo set off for Cleveland Street.)
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