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Catch up time! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Star Of David: Beautiful Girl Hunter (1979, Norifumi Suzuki)

Fun little flick about a spoilt brat whose outlook on life leaves something to be desired. Think Angst rather than Arthur though .....
Repellent. Recommended Highly.

Malignant (2021, James Wan)

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamily. It's at the heart of everything. Not as mad as I had hoped. Will revisit.

Invisible Mom (1997, Fred Olen Ray)

Relatively sane and competent kids flick .... I had to see if this would be terrible, but it is basically a generic family flick. Russ Tamblyn has fun as the nemesis.

Love Letters Of A Portugese Nun (1977, Jess Franco)

Is this the best production since Justine?? Hmmm.
Religious hypocrites ruin a child's life. Told soberly .... Mark Of The Devil it ain't .... a "devout" pair of schemers prey on the local populace's offspring to sate their desires. Male slightly reminded me of the Rutger, which made me realise that Jack Taylor wasn't playing that part which took me out of the film slightly.
Ahem. Recommended.

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