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The Savage Three (1975)

Three young colleagues at a computer analysis center become so bored with their mundane life in Turin they go on violent rampages at night.

I suppose the film is an allegory for a world where three young men so bored they become almost dehumanized in a society that cares less than they do. The three, led by Joe Dallesandro, begin by starting a riot at a football match, before stealing cars then evolving into murderous thugs akin to the band of Droogs in A Clockwork Orange (1971). It all becomes remarkably sleazy and beautifully sadistic especially when Dallesandro impales one naked girl on a fork lift truck. Even more impressive, the brutality and violence plays out to a brilliant space rock score by Franco Campanino.

Enrico Maria Salerno gives the standout performance for me as a cop demoted from the flying squad due to his unlawful way of dealing with criminals and he has some wonderfully strained meetings with Dallesandro during the course of the film.

I'd never heard of The Savage Three before acquiring Arrow's recent Years of Lead box set and although it doesn't really feel like a typical Poliziotteschi it's one that definitely stands out from the crowd due to it's brutal originality.

Note - If you change regions on your Blu-ray player to anything but (B) you'll be able to see the uncut version complete with 13 seconds of mice brutalizing one another. Otherwise the screen goes black as the soundtrack plays.

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