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The Dirty Dozen. 1967.

A rebellious Sergeant-Major of the U.S. Army is assigned 12 soldiers who are in prison, his job is to train them up for a mission to assassinate German soldiers at a chateau behind enemy lines.

Lee Marvin plays the rebellious Reisman who is assigned former soldiers to lead them into battle on a suicide mission who tests them during basic training with some mild humour added in than can create a small laugh or smirk, as soon as they are dropped behind enemy lines that's when the humour slowly dies and becomes a more serious film.

Charles Bronson, John Cassavetes, Donald Sutherland are easily recognizable in the line up with Jim Brown who retired from his football career during this film or face a fine and suspension when the film went over running schedule. Telly Savalas is another familiar face and can be unpredictable when tormented by a female.

Robert Aldrich was given a decent script and managed to run it into a classic film even though one or two cast members were able to show their displeasure about the direction on the way the film was going and some leading men turned down the film on the violence that was going to added in. Even at the end with the voice narration describing what will happen you can only sit there and cheer the men on, this is what happens when you let prisoners fight the Nazi's.

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