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No, the Case Is Happily Resolved (1973)

An excellent Italian crime drama about a young man who witnesses the murder of a prostitute by a respected university professor. To avoid hassle he decides not to report it to the police but soon realises the killer has reported him to the police and blamed him for the murder.

Another from Arrow's Years of Lead box set and another classy film. The initial murder is pretty harrowing to watch but the rest of the film plays out like a game of cat and mouse as the young man tries to extricate himself from the crime as the police hunt him down. It's highly intriguing and a very satisfying watch even if the ending is as downbeat and ambiguous as at all possible.

As with the other two films i've seen in this collection the film deals with the class struggle in Italy during the early seventies and the idea that the wealthy commit crimes partly out of the dreariness of their own lives and also because they simply feel they can get away with it.

The acting is uniformly excellent and the plot a real gripper. Vittorio Salerno's film is for me an unheard of gem and a beautifully vitriolic swipe at the Italian justice system

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