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Default Films where the scenario became mirrored in the real world e.g. Forbidden Planet

Ok this is just for shootin' the breeze as the Yanks say, and you might think I'm batshit crazy, but I think the plot of Forbidden Planet is mirrored in the Ukrainian War.

Briefly Zelensky is Morbius and his daughter Altaira (who represents the territory and people of Ukraine) are holed up on Altair 4, when a group of horny, heavily armed, spacemen (Russians!) turn up, on a rescue mission (Special Military Operation!). However, they are really a sexually aggressive bunch bent on deflowering Altaira (i.e. take over Ukraine's land and people). Morbius (Zelensky) is not happy about this and calls on the Krel machines (NATO/the West) to provide him with enough firepower (western weapons) to defeat the invading spacemen/Russians. The Krel have unlimited power so they can do this easily; the West, practically an unlimited industrial military complex will happily do the same.

In the film the spacers get away with it but I'm not sure it will be such a happy ending for the Russians

I know, I have too much time on my hands...

I've not been able to fit Robbie the Robot into the scenario though - any ideas?

Are there any other films that mirror the future? I know Starship Troopers sort of mirrors 9/11 but I think that's been mentioned before.
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