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Platoon. 1986.

Chris, a young new recruit is thrown into the frontline of the Vietnam war and sees the brutality of it and conflicts arise between two Sergeants.

This still has to be one of the toughest war movies to sit through and feel the emotion of what had been witnessed by those serving at the time. Charlie Sheen plays the young recruit who feels man enough to sign up and slowly heads down a spiral of a psychological meltdown, and begins to reflect on his time being there.

Willem Dafoe and Tom Berenger play the two sergeants Elias and Barnes whom seem to be at logger heads yet they never see eye to eye even on a raid of a village. That can be a bit tough and depressing to view due to the nature of the people in the hut and the senseless killing that ensued and the decisions on how to handle it along with betrayal. Both Berenger and Dafoe received a oscar for their performances and they deserved it the way the made their characters, one a sympathetic leader and the other a cold hearted asshole.

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