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McBain. 1991.

Robert McBain a Vietnam Vet, who was rescued by a soldier called Santos, Santos lead a group of people to revolt against the President of Colombia and is killed, his sister tracks Robert down in New York and asks for help.

Christopher Walken leads his group of mercenaries which is his old group of army buddies on a path of revenge and creating a new war. With very little funding they somehow manage to persuade, drug dealers and gangsters for a small donation to their cause, even hanging them from a crane and explaining their new charity donation plea.

Maria Conchita Alonso plays the sister Christina who goes looking for Robert and seems like she guilt ridden's him to help her beloved country and do seem to have the start of some chemistry between them. Steve James, Thomas Waites and Jay Patterson join Walken on the job, they aren't exactly like the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse but certainly do a a lot of shooting and destruction. There is a good bit of laugh and nearly homage to Apocalypse now between Walken and Michael Ironside.

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