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Originally Posted by MrBarlow View Post
Snuff. 1975.

The exploits of a cult biker gang and real killings shown through a snuff movie.

We have a actress and her producer tagging along to make a movie and some jealousy from another woman shown stabbing a guy in the stomach. A thinner Charlie Manson wannabe cult leader and his deciples telling them it's ok to kill, a somewhat Mardi Gras parade and a mish mash dubbed film that is very much out of sync throughout the movie. I don't know if the dubbing made the acting terrible or the acting made the dubbing terrible, there was a nice gut wrenching going on towards the end. This goes to the category of "Now you have seen it, that's it".

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It was original called slaughter, only had a ltd release didnít do well so shelved it for few years and decided to rerelease it with a new ending and a new title, it was shot mainly without sound due to the actors understanding very little English.
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