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Zone Troopers

During WWII, a U.S Unit come across a German Camp as well as an Alien Spaceship containing Aliens.

When I saw the Trailer originally, I thought that the makers wanted to portray that this was going to be a serious Film, It isn't. It does have a low budget but it's not a bad Film and whilst I did find it interesting, it's not going to be one that I'll be rushing to watch again but will be one I will be in time.

There was some funny scenes involving Mittens where he knocks out Hitler and having his Cigarettes taken after trading for them.


During a Nuclear War (In 1998) a group of Deserters find a Shelter during a Acid Rain downpour but end up getting taken out by Genetically Enhanced creatures.

This is a quint-essential 80's Video Shop Film with a distinctive cover with an opening score which gave me Italian Film vibes. It's short but I was enthralled however the creature effects were not good (You could tell they were toys)
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