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Originally Posted by Frankie Teardrop View Post

ANGEL Ė One of those eighties movie serial killers is stalking the hustler haven of downtown LA in ĎAngelí, a tonally bizarre film which is about what Iíve just described, but is actually more about a teenage hooker trying to find her long lost daddy. You get to see a lot of neon drenched shots of city streets at night, and Iím always a sucker for that kind of thing, particularly if itís from the eighties / nineties, with that filmy graininess about it. It feels gritty and real, but itís a total hallucination, a look, an aesthetic. ĎAngelí pushes the unreality boat out even further by inserting into all that what is basically a feelgood plotline. Angelís life on the streets has a Cinderella harshness about it, but sheís surrounded by a gang of supportive fellow sex workers. The cops give the hookers a hard time, but then the lead investigator becomes Angelís father figure. There are no awful pimps, just a kindly Widow Twanky-ish den mother. It could be a pantomime. Iím not knocking it, Iím just saying that the filmís weirdly saccharine unreality is what makes ĎAngelí special, especially in combination with this whole sleazy business of prostitute murder. Speaking of which, you donít get any kind of window into that whatsoever Ė the evil dude is basically just that, a killer without backstory or motiveÖ ďit hurtsÖ!Ē is about the only thing we hear him say, an impressive waste of the talents of the great John Diehl. All in all, if youíre looking for an insight into the realms of real-life exploitation and the societal abuse and neglect that ends with a life on the streetsÖ look somewhere else. But you may already have figured that out. If you want to watch a bizarre fantasy thatís about as real as a plastic christmas tree, step right up.
You and me both. If you haven't seen it i recommend Last Night in Soho for neon drenched sixties London.

I really like Angel (And it's sequels). The fact it's a kind of ensemble of likable characters means it's a bit different to the norm of this genre.
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