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Originally Posted by Frankie Teardrop View Post
I liked LNIS, though I wasn't quite as hot on it as you were. It was those grey spectres that kept cropping up... they fumbled it, somehow. But that's me being picky.

Might try the Angel sequels this afternoon, then.
Don't expect the griminess from Avenging Angel. It's a camper and much more fun affair with shoot out's galore with the fun encapsulated in a riotous sequence as aging cowboy Rory Calhoun is bust out of a sanitarium.

What i like about the sequel is the supposed low life of Hollywood - the (And i quote)" hookers, dykes, drugstore cowboys, transvestites and street performers" - we get to know are wonderfully written people, a loving street family, whom i really cared about.

Haha. No pressure there then Frankie.
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