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August 5th, 1985 - 37 years ago today - Kate Bush released 'Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)'. It was the first single released from the phenomenal 'Hounds Of Love' album

Upon its original release, the song reached number three on the UK Singles Chart and number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, where it was Kate's s first Top 40 hit. Flash forward to August 5th, 2022, and the song has conquered the world!

She performed the song live for the first time in 1987 at The Secret Policeman's Third Ball event accompanied by David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) on guitar, Tony Franklyn (Roy Harper, Jimmy Page) on bass, Stuart Elliott (Steve Harley, Paul McCartney) on drums and Kevin McAlea (Barclay James Harvest) on keyboards

This was the only time the song was performed live until 2014 Before the Dawn series of concerts

All other appearances from 1985 were promotional lip sync performances on television, which were common at the time.
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