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The Cloverfield Paradox. 2018.

This is the second time watching this since it first appeared on Netflix...i think it was Netflix that snapped it up, anyway this is still confusing the second time round.

I'm guessing this isn't set in the same time line as Cloverfield, nobody seems to mention a energy fuel crisis, a group of people selected to go to a space station to help with the energy crisis and go through a worm hole and everything seemed to change for them unknown to them the energy crisis on earth is less of their problems.

The makers seem to try and create a sense of dread and fear like Alien or Event Horizon and failed, while creating a few laughs with a moving arm and a guy saying he is pushing up the middle finger. If there was suspense to be in this film then it appeared at the the last two minutes on earth before the escape ship hit the clouds. The acting is ok but think everyone was trying a bit too hard to make it believable. Always give a film a second chance and I have with this but don't think they be a third viewing .

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