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The Purge. 2013.

For one night for 12 hours any crime is legal, a wealthy family in The Purge lockdown in their own home become targets for a group who want their Purge, a lonely man taking shelter inside their home.

Set in present time, although filmed 10 years ago, I had some high hopes for this film yet when I first watched it, this had me intrigued, 12 hours to do anything and get away with it. There is a slow suspense in it, a made safety room by a young boy, the daughter's boyfriend getting ready to take out the father and a mother trying to protect her family from a stranger and a group of people outside sadly this fell flat.

Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey play the wealthy couple who are stuck in the house with a stranger and strangers outside while trying to survive the night. Writer/director James DeMonaco was given a budget of $2.7 million to work with and almost two weeks to film it so he really can't be blamed for this being a rushed film, this one may grow on me.

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