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The Purge: Anarchy. 2014.

Three group of people are trying to survive the Purge Night while being out in the open of the city.

James DeMonaco returns as writer/director for this sequel and he delivers a lot more than just one setting. Through out the film there is certainly a good character build up, Sergeant played by Frank Grillo is out for revenge, we know his target was at a trial but never known why till near the end, that was a good way to keep things entertaining, One couple is stranded after their car konks out and a mother and daughter try to outrun a street gang that have become their intended target.

This has plenty of action, shootout and suspense, even when the group go to a flat where everyone seems against the purge yet you wonder if they are all a happy family and waiting for someone to kick off. Certainly this one is better than it's predecessor.

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