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Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
Isn't Fangoria still going?

It's quarterly now i believe. No idea if it's still sold in newsagents outside the US though.

Rue Morgue is / was a mag that is still going. I used to love that but it eventually became too expensive also it's not on sale anywhere i go nowadays.
I'm not a big fan of modern horror, to be honest. I'm more of a Hammer/Amicus, pre-1970s horror. And some of 80s horror, too, of course. More of a sci-fi guy, really!

The new Fangoria would be, obviously, full of stuff on new horror movies that I don't exactly plan to watch.

What I miss is the excitement of going to the newsagens and the surprise of finding the magazines and reading them cover-to-cover, twice! or more, because there were no other sources of information.

Over here, downtown Lisbon, all the newsagents carrying foreign magazines - film or otherwise -- have now closed. You can usually find Empire, which is always a pleasure to read, but little else. You can find 150+ different magazines on design, though. Thank you hipsters!

There were other magazines that I really enjoyed, some more professionally produced than others: Starburst, Little Shoppe, Scarlet Street, Samhain, etc. But of all those it was Starlog that I eagerly looked for and I miss the most.
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