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Bandit (2022, Allan Ungar)

True crime caper with the Gibson popping up every so often. Recommend this one. Likeable cast helps.

(1966, Kimiyoshi Yasuda)

First in a trilogy. Went round to mates to show him one (wait for it ... ) and he put this on in return. From that new Arrow set. Bonny looking flick. One of the odder Kaiju flicks I've seen. Recommended also.

Scorpion Thunderbolt (1988, Godfrey Ho)

This is the one I brought. This is going on Boxing Day. To describe it would be pointless. This is the most Ho thing that I've ever seen (his trademark of sewing together films ... it's at a peak here).
Yes, Harrison pops up , but at least this time he isn't wearing that silly headband ahem. Highly recommended.

Deadliest Prey (2013, David A Prior)

Yes, it's a sequel to Deadly Prey. Some might call it a rehash, but and? Ted Prior dons the shorts one more time. You'll laugh, cry and jump for joy all at the same time (this might have been the drink though )
A hoot, for the same reasons the parent was.

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