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Sphere. 1998.

A crack team of scientist are sent 1000 feet below the surface when a spaceship is found and try to discover it's origins.

Dustin Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson, Liev Schreiber and Sharon Stone (in a 90s film and manages to keep her clothes on) play the selected group of different backgrounds sent in to discover what lies below. My dad had this tape and I tried to watch it but got bored halfway through, jump to tonight and managed to get through it this time.

Something been lying and lost for some time and is found out to be a space ship that has no crew on board or as Samuel says "Little Green Men" but a self aware computer. I have no idea about the original source novel but seems to play on the mind of the group with hallucinations, supernatural powers and plenty of psychological terror. Will admit the film started off well but seems a bit all over the place towards the end.

" I have seen trees that look like tortured souls"
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