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The Girl With All The Gifts. 2016.

In a dystopian future after a fungal disease is released and turning the human population into zombies called "Hungries". A teacher, scientist and two soldiers embark on a journey of survival after their base is targeted with a young girl called Melanie who is infected.

This was interesting start to the film with a young girl almost strapping herself to a wheelchair and taken to a classroom, talk about making kids pay attention in school then uncover why they are strapped in. Gemma Arterton plays the school teacher who grows attached to the young female lead. Paddy Considine play the army Sergeant who disapproves of the unlikely friendship and seems to enjoy tormenting the children. Glenn Close plays the lead doctor who thinks the infected hold the key to finding a cure.

Set in London but mostly seen in the back streets of someplace unlike 28 Days Later there is no one going about shouting "Hello" and some landmarks seen, the film makers had a good way of showing a ghost town by using Prypiyat to double for ariel shots and make it look like London. The acting can be a hit or a miss at times but does have some good tense moments added in.

" I have seen trees that look like tortured souls"
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