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Swamp Thing. 1982.

A research scientist dealing with a special chemical is turned into a plant based monster.

A young Ray Wise plays the scientist working by a bayou swamp and exposed to the chemical he is working on and uses his new features for revenge. Louis Jordan plays the evil guy who wants the formula, then decides he wants the creature to replicate the formula and begins a cat and mouse game. Adrienne Barbeau plays the female lead and somewhat love attraction and you can see why when she goes for a dip in the water.

After having three good theatrical films released this seems unusual for Wes Craven to do a DC comic based film, we can't blame him for trying something new and never really had much freedom to do what he wanted with this, critic Roger Ebert partly called it a "Guilty Pleasure" of a film and for some of us it is, for me anyway it is a guilty pleasure.

" I have seen trees that look like tortured souls"
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