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Saw The Abominable Snowmen over the weekend. Rather dull. To be honest, I've kinda gone off the animations. I loved the Power SE, Shada (though I've always loved Shada and the cartoony style suited that story) and Fury, but have really struggled with most of the rest. It could be the fault of the stories themselves, but I have a similar issue with the animated eps of The Ice Warriors, which I otherwise really enjoy. But the animations - which are very similar to the prevaling style of the last few years, as opposed to something like The Moonbase - completely lack the atmosphere of the live-action eps, which I can't help but think is also the case here. I mean, I've always liked the extant eps of Evil, Faceless and Snowmen but the animations just don't capture the feel. I'm not entirely sad they're done for the moment, to be honest, and if they come back I feel they need to be a lot better...
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