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30 Days Of Unseen Horror

Day 23


Michael Radin is a young talented archaeologist who is going places until he comes into contact with an ancient mask that was used in tribal rituals. The mask carries a curse that once worn torments the person who wears it making the person do things they would never dream of doing in there normal lives and it also tortures the mind of the person who has made the mistake of trying on the mask. Michael can no longer handle the nightmare his life has become and he reaches out to his doctor for some help but when his doctor doesn't believe the story Michael returns homes and commits suicide but before he pulls the trigger he posts the mask to his doctor and noe it's his turn to have his life and sanity destroyed.

They did a great job making you feel like your the one that has tried on the mask watching this. The scenes inside the mask nightmare really gets inside your head with the penetrating music and frantic imagery of demons snakes sacrifice and the mask itself . I love any film that explores the breakdown of sanity the scariest thing that can happen to anyone is the failure of one's mind. Paul Stevens is fantastic as the doctor his longing for the mask he is like an addict craving his next fix you can see even when he is away from the mask he wants it he needs it knowing it's driving him insane he just can resist and the longer it goes on the more desperate he becomes.

Brilliant nightmareish story acted superbly with a great ending.

A must watch.

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