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The Nun

A priest and young woman who is about to become a nun are sent too investigate the suicide of a nun, once they get too there destination it's apparent that the nuns are hiding something ,soon spooky things start happening and death soon foloows.

Quite atmospheric and creepy did enjoy the final confrontation.

Annabelle creation

We found out how the evil doll come too be. A number of years after the death of his daughter , a man and his wife welcome a nun and a group of orphaned girls into their home. When one of the girls finds Annabelle the deaths starts and the demon in the doll looks for a soul.

Started of quite slow but picked up greatly in the second half, it all leads into the first movie.

The Conjuring

After a couple move into a new home spooky things start happening and as things get worse and they are frightened for their lives and those of their children they call in the Warrens experts on the supernatural.

Enjoyable with a nice build up but I really doubt how real this was and the Warrens themselves .

The Terrifer

The story is minimum it's just a excuse for Art the clown too goto one spectacle gruesome death to another . A brilliant piece of gore socked depravity.

Now watching

Not finished watching but we have a new horror icon. Shits all over the newer halloweens.
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