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Default Halloween III: Season of the Witch


How else should the Irish celebrate Halloween, but by watching the film that captures our hatred for children. Iím mean, Iím not saying Conal Cochranís plan was the most ethical, but I think he may have a point. Letís consider:

1. Cochran claims he is doing this as a sacrifice to the Pagan Gods of old.

2. Cochran brings up references to magic and other supernatural powers, which implies that the Pagan Gods could destroy us if not satisfied.

3. That Cochran was able to create masks that implode the wearerís head, and have snakes and insects emerge, proves that these supernatural powers exist.

4. Therefore, Cochran is right.

5. Also, children are very annoying, and the planetís overpopulated, so itís not the worst of ideas.

Indeed, the real villain is Dr. Dan Challis. Not only content with drinking on the job, or while driving, he sexually harasses his nurses, and blows off his children so he can sleep with the daughter of a patient that just died. Now, I know this makes him look f*cking awesome, but he is about to doom humanity forever by the end of the film.

Anyhoo, Halloween III is hackneyed writing and mediocre direction that is lifted high by the incredibly game cast, the beautiful cinematography, superb editing, and a cracking score. Highly recommended!
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