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Mosquito Squadron (1969)

David McCallum stars as an RAF pilot of a Mosquito light bombing aircraft alongside a bunch of familiar faces from British tv and film of the time, plus Charles Gray.

McCallum's pilot must comfort the widow of his superior believed killed in their last raid over occupied territory however when it comes to light their next mission is to be a raid on a French chateau which is host to the Nazis V3 weapon things turn complicated as the chateau is also a POW camp to a group of RAF prisoners including the once thought dead officer.

In a way it's a bit derivative borrowing much from superior films like 633 Squadron (1964) and especially The Dam Busters (1955) but Mosquito Squadron is short enough and pacy enough to hold the attention with some impressive flying sequences and most notably the genuinely thrilling final reels featuring the raid on the chateau.
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