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A plague ridden town, a bizarre travelling circus full of vampires able to change into animals and a whole lot more in this latter day Hammer gem.
And to top it all off, it’s got Lalla Ward in it
It’s a pity director Robert Young didn’t get the call for more Hammers, as he brings a real sense of style and surreal moments into the mix, making it one of the most distinctive of the company’s output.
Although the pq is pretty good, I fear this Blu Ray from Strawberry Media is the same print that’s been doing the rounds forever, it seems. It’s good, but could be a lot better. This Hammer classic needs the Indicator treatment!


A crazed artist finds that womens blood is the perfect red colour for his paintings, in this sort of remake of COLOR ME BLOOD RED. In fact, some of the acting is so over the top, it wouldn’t be out of place in one of HG Lewis’ epics.
Needless to say, it’s all completely bonkers, but strangely entertaining.
Compellingly terrible.
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