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Originally Posted by MrBarlow View Post
Smile. 2022.

A young doctor traumatised by her mother's death when she was 10 feels she is being stalked by something supernatural.

This was a bit like The Ring meeting The Grudge, a curse that befalls someone before they die within 6 days. This seemed to focus on a traumatic occurrence passed from one person to another and a person trying to deal with it while trying to find a answer on how to get over it. The acting isn't too bad, strange seeing Kal Penn take on a serious role instead of a comedic role. There is some good make up effects, this may not be edge of your seat movie but go into it with a open mind and expect a lot of OTT swearing.

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I'll probably rent it on YT when it comes down in price.
On a side note, I tried the latest Jurassic World the other week. Couldn't make it past 30 minutes. So crap.
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