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Salem's Lot. 1979.

Another classic from the mind of Stephen King, writer Paul Monash certainly followed how King wrote the novel even though the character was different but certainly memorable. Right from the start in Mexico when the two new vampire hunters sense something is wrong then thrown right into the plot of Ben Mears returning to his home town along with two strangers. Everyone does a great job with their acting skills even James Mason giving off the calm sinister guard and delivering the line "You'll enjoy Mr Barlow, and he'll enjoy you" with a smirk is a great way to be more sinister than ever.

Tobe Hooper knew how to create a tense atmosphere especially with his camera work especially with two scenes, at the cemetery where Mike is filling in a grave and then opens it up and you know something is going to happen, then you think it won't and it does. David Soul does a great part as Ben when he knows something is wrong and with the body of Marge Glick in the morgue being calm and then his face and voice changes to fear when she slowly arises.

" I have seen trees that look like tortured souls"
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