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Originally Posted by iluvdvds View Post
All this talk about games has made me buy a game - first time in too long.

Bought Evil Dead: A Fistful Of Boomstick for quite a cheap prize on Amazon today. Should be a lot of fun!

So, here's the thread to talk about the latest games you've just bought - in the same way as the recently bought DVD thread!
I bought a fistfull of boomsticks ages ago i enjoyed it.... but im stuck on 1 bit after so many atempts i gave up and not gone back to it since...yes i know i could check the walkthrough...
But i so many games i need to finish of ill come back 2 it in a yr r 2

I bought condemed 2 on ps3. any 1 played this ?
I liked the level on the doll factory.... it not as scary as some ppl making out... i think scariest game ever by far got to be original silent hill on your own lights out in the dark ..whoooo

partner bought few bits 4 wii mainly exercise y i dont know she doesnt use them like the wii dance.

I bought simpsons on dsi.

And god of war on psp ..i just recently bought psp of a friend with 4 games 40 bargain r what..

But my next game when i can afford it ......maybe ill wait till i can get it half price in a game exchange r somewhere will be god of war on ps3,. these games r def top notch no 2 way about it.
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