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Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
Now Michael Caine has made some poor films. Those two Harry Palmer films Bullet to Beijing and Midnight in St Petersburg really sullied the character. The Magus and The Island as well. They were dire.

There are also way too many for me to ever watch, also a hell of a lot i don't wish to watch either. Too many small parts in bigger films whereas Clint was always the star.
To be clear here old Maurice Micklewhite is merely an example of an actor I once had no time for that now I have plenty of time for. I'm not saying everything he's been involved in is gold. Eastwood, well again I can't say, I've not been overly disappointed so far but I've many many films to catch up on. One I recall thinking was awful is the one he did with Burt Reynolds. City Heat is it???
I suppose old Burt is another example, although I still can't say I'm a huge fan.
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