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Originally Posted by will graham View Post
Yeah saw haute tension at frightfest. The guy next to me creeped me out a little he was laughing just a bit too much at the family being murdered.
The acting was great but just about everyone agrees that the final part is terrible.

It was weird I had a dream about a car chase of people being human trafficked in a small truck/van to the exact same muse song couple of years before the film came out.

Not read intensity but did see the TV movie adaptation and can see the similarities (also preferred the story even if it was bloodless) and wouldn't be surprised if that's where the idea came from.
Koontz stated that he was aware of the comparison but would not sue

"because he found the film so puerile, so disgusting, and so intellectually bankrupt that he didnít want the association with it that would inevitably come if he pursued an action against the filmmaker."

Great practical FX from De Rossi.
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