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Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
Playing devil's advocate here a bit.

I think it's the way it's all broken down that makes it look worse than it perhaps is.

The Cure are a big band. I'd not expect a ticket to be priced at $20.

However when you divide the $172 dollars then it's $43 per ticket which i think is actually pretty reasonable when you think how prices have soared anyway.

They are an arena act with a decent show.

Because Ticketmaster are being fully transparent with their pricing it looks far worse than it is.

The service fee is what Ticketmaster are charging. The facility fee is what the venue are making off each ticket. That's not Ticketmaster.

Would Smith say it was ridiculous if those prices were UK prices converted ie £35.50 a ticket?

Probably not.
I agree but whatís the chances of getting a cure concert ticket for that price in uk anyway ? Not bleeding likely. Barely get to see many bands here in uk for that price, unless itís only a small venue, no chance in arena etc.
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