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179 and 182 are the much-delayed but still pending Dracula and Carnal Knowledge.

192 is still being restored. 199 has yet to find a congenial release month. (Neither title has been announced or teased.)

Same situation as 199 with 209, 211, 216, 258, 263 and 264.

218 was Ishtar, but will be reassigned at some point, just as 46 segued from California Split to The Swimmer.

236 has been delayed indefinitely thanks to the lack of HD materials.

265-267 is a box set whose contents are still being restored.

274, 275 and 278 are more Mexican titles.

292 and 293 are both by the same director and will be announced pretty soon.

336-347 are earmarked for the next two Universal Noir boxes. I suspect 348 onwards may be in a similar situation.

400 to at least 418 are Jean Rollin.

Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
There's more Universal Noir sets to come - one this year at least - so they will fill in a few gaps. Apparently they couldn't get more out at the time due to lockdown issues.
Sorry, that's not correct - in fact, it was lockdown that caused the Columbia Noir sets to be released more frequently than intended, because they were pretty easy to put together under lockdown because of their heavy reliance on already digitised materials. (By contrast, projects like The Pemini Organisation ended up being delayed for a couple of years or so because they required more hands-on interaction).

But because lockdown is no longer an issue, the Universal Noir boxes are being released at a slower rate, as there's no reason to rush them.
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