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Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
Yeah, got it on dvd from Olive Films.

The whole package appealed as much as the film itself as well as the lower price.

The BFI films about the border counties and communes and the interviews with Ian McShane, Maddie Smith and Stephanie Beacham as well as the half hour feature on the 70's band Pentangle, not to mention the booklet made it a worthwhile upgrade.

The film is very much a curio rather than a classic but it's one that it's hedonistic vibe sticks with you.
It was the feature about Pentangle that was selling it to me actually. I really love that late 60s and early 70s British Folk Rock boom that happened and Pentangle were one of the best.

I'm keeping it on my list, next time I see it reduced I'm buying it right away

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