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When a rediculous plan to drop some cocaine from a plane over a national park not surprisingly goes awry the drug mule dies and the drugs are scattered all over the place. Now the park ranger a couple of kids skipping school the cops and the drug dealers are all wondering the park but it's not each other they need to worry about after a big black bear stumbles across the cocaine and helps herself. Now she craves another line and she won't stop at anything to keep her high.

Cocaine Bear is a good bit of fun some of the humour falls a little flat but it was still a good time. Surprisingly the acting is pretty good which I didn't expect from a film about a bear off her face on drugs . Anyway I was really happy with the CGI of the bear it really works well and looks real enough that your not distracted when the bear is on screen. The first half of the film there isn't much bear action other than eating the cocaine but once he gets going there is some great kills. Hands down my favourite was the ambulance scene

Well worth your time.
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