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Rise Of The Footsoldier: Origins. 2021.

We have had the story of Carlton Leach, Pat Tate and now we got the story of Tony Tucker. Fresh out the army after being in the Falklands, Tony enters the door security jobs, then meeting Craig Rolfe who both end up meeting Pat Tate and entering the drug and violence scene.

The makers kept up the continuity of keeping Terry Stone, Craig Fairbrass and Roland Manookian in the same roles from the previous films. Surprisingly Vinnie Jones plays the straightheaded no nonsense doorman and knows how to pack a punch. The acting is solid and decent and as you can tell from start to finish the C word is thrown about quite a lot. I had no high expectations for this but I enjoyed it and do expect to see a bit of violence and torture. Remember kiddies stay away from the drug scene.

(Extra scene during end credits)
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