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The Asphyx. 1972.

A Victorian gentleman tries to achieve immortality by caputring the spirit of death called "Asphyx" that leaves the body of a person on the brink of death.

Early 70s British horror that I have appreciated over the years, Robert Stephens plays Sir Hugo who believes with he can capture the person's point of death and spirit leaving the body and develops a way to trap it and cheat death. Robert Powell plays his adopted son and assistant who believes the experiment to fail and soon becomes involved in the experiment.

From the start the film opens in a modern day England then goes back to 1870s and let's the story unfold and how the film opened in the present. The set designs in this are brilliantly crafted as the set pieces with the use of old costumes and the gothic style manor house. The effects are done brilliantly with the capturing of the spirit and screams can be a tad loud.

" I have seen trees that look like tortured souls"
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