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Some rarely seen behind-the-scenes pictures in this Radio Times article including evidence of the alias that was used by The Master in the story 'Frontier in Space'. Although he is unnamed in dialogue (and closing credits) for the broadcast version, the production team went to the trouble to giving the character a name - G R Xsathos – which is clearly legible in the close-up detail of a document bearing the Master’s fake credentials

The full text in the document reads:

1 Defrauding the Sirius Four Dominion Bank.

2 Evasion of Planetary Income tax.

3 Assault and battery committed upon the person of a Sirius Four police official.

4 Taking a space ship without the owner's consent and piloting the said space ship without the owner's consent and piloting
the said space ship without payment of taxes and insurance.

5 Loading the said space ship in an unauthorised zone on Sirius Four.
BE IT KNOWN that the holder of this warrant is authorised to apprehend the person known as THE DOCTOR and to hold him in custody to answer the above charges.

Also featured are pictures from 'Genesis...' including one close-up that shows some intriguing details. This is the only picture I have seen of Davros actor Michael Wisher’s left hand

It's also interesting to see the plastic bulb that is being held in the right hand. It is thought that this is what Wisher used to activate the 'eye light' on the Davros mask
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