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Survivor. 2015.

A service officer working in the American embassy in London is framed for a bombing and tries to clear her name while being chased by a assassin.

Milla Jovovich plays Kate assigned to over check Visa requests with supervisor Robert Forster seems to take a attitude when Dr Balan played by Roger Rees (in his last film role) is asked for more paperwork. Pierce Brosnan plays a man known as The Watchmaker and paid assassin who is hired to plan a big attack in New York and is known to embassy worker Dylan McDermot.

This is nothing spectacular and something we have seen before except with a solid female lead in a game of cat and mouse with the assassin and also her fellow workers who know how she can evade their watchful eye. Brosnan does have a good strong on screen presence and doesn't disappoint as a ruthless killer and somewhat game player with his employers. Entertaining enough.

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