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A nearly unrecognisable Eric Roberts with a beard goes on a camping trip with his wife on young son. On the way back they witness a UFO and soon come to the attention of the sinister men in black , who are out to kill them, they are soon on the run and a game of cat and mouse begins , the authorities can't help so they seek the help of a UFO expert Dean Stockwell. Noting special but Stockwell and Roberts give it there best while the first 3/4 is case of cat and mouse the last quarter feels like a zombie movie , with legions of unkillable men in black laying siege to Stockwell's home.

Always had a soft spot for this, the actings pretty bad in places and the story's a bit all over the place but it has a certain charm.

The town of Ludlow receives a antique piano on its bicentennial, soon afterwards strange and mysterious deaths start which are linked to the town's founding. It does sound a little like the superior The Fog.

Now watching . I loved these two as a kid , fondly remember renting their movies every Saturday on VHS when I was a kid.

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