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Thursday, April 13th, 2023

Do ya feel lucky, punk? ya!? Then pick up DELIRIUM #33 and check out our massive interview with actor Andrew Robinson! Robinson is the veteran actor who is beloved (and reviled) as playing the Cotton brothers in Clive Barker's HELLRAISER, as well as hundreds of other credits on screens both big and small. But Robinson will forever - and rightly - be associated with his first film, Don Siegel's 1971 thriller DIRTY HARRY, starring the great Clint Eastwood! In this brand new chat, Robinson fully dissects "Scorpio", his malevolent serial killer alter-ego, and muses on why the character and the film has endured. We'll also go deep-diving on all of his storied roles in stuff like COBRA, LIBERACE, STAR TREK and, of course, HELLRAISER! Plus, we've got features on the new creeper TRAP, actress Isabella Percival, a tribute to actor Clu Gulager and much more!

SUBSCRIBE to Delirium (4 issues) and start your journey into madness! And as a special BONUS, we will also throw in a FREE 6-month subscription to the world's coolest cult movie channel, Full Moon Features! A unique code for Full Moon Features will be emailed within one week of Delirium subscription purchase (codes do not expire).

And speaking of DELIRIUM! The latest psychotronic head-trip from Full Moon's weird and wonderful sister label DELIRIUM films is here! PARASITE LADY premieres TOMORROW on FULL MOON FEATURES!

It's a dark, sexy tale of a female vampire prowling the streets searching for love and blood. Indulge in your mind-altering libation of choice and immerse yourself in this hypnotic little pane to pretty women, dirty carnivals, throat-fingering and bloodsucking!

MORE BLOODSUCKING! Ted Nicolaou's acclaimed and long awaited return to the Radu-verse, SUBSPECIES: BLOODRISE, is hitting theaters across North America for a one night special event premiere, courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse on MAY 15th!

The film will hit streaming and Blu-ray in June, but this sumptuous gothic vampire masterpiece needs to be seen on the BIG screen! Don't miss it!
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