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Guest actors appearing in THE DOCTOR'S DAUGHTER who have previously appeared in the show:
  • Catherine Tate (Donna Noble)
  • Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
  • Paul Kasey (Hath Peck)
  • Ruari Mears (Hath Gable)

Who: Before And After #1113 / Nu-Who #192
Name: Georgia Moffett [1984 - ] [Also known as Georgia Tennant]
Year(s): 2008
Stories: The Doctor's Daughter
Character(s): Jenny
  • Is the daughter of Who actor Peter Davison
  • Is married to Who actor David Tennant
  • Provided the voice of Cassie Rice in the 2009 animated Doctor Who story Dreamland
  • Appeared as herself in the unofficial 50th anniversary special 'The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot'
Has appeared as Jenny in numerous Big Finish Productions audio adventures:
  • In the 'Doctor Who Special Releases' stories 'The Legacy of Time' ['Relative Time']
  • In the 'Jenny: The Doctor's Daughter' stories 'Jenny: The Doctor's Daughter' ['Stolen Goods' / 'Prisoner of the Ood' / 'Neon Reign' / 'Zero Space'] / 'Still Running' ['Inside the Maldovarium' / 'Altered Status' / 'Calamity Jenny' / 'Her Own Worst Enemy']
  • In the 'Eighth of March' story 'Prism'
Has appeared as other characters in numerous Big Finish Productions audio adventures:
  • In the 'Doctor Who Main Range' stories 'Red Dawn' / 'City of Spires'
  • In the 'Bernice Summerfield' story 'The Curse of Fenman'
  • In the 'Dark Eyes' story 'Rule of the Eminence'
Provided the Audiobook Readings for:
  • The 'BBC New Series Adventures' stories 'Snowglobe 7' / 'Autonomy'

Before Who:
Films: The Second Quest (2004), Tom Brown's Schooldays (2005), Like Father Like Son (2005)
Television: Peak Practice [4 episodes as Nicki Davey (1999)] / The Bill [26 episodes as Abigail Nixon (20022009)] / Where the Heart Is [17 episodes as Alice Harding (20042005) / Holby City [2 episodes, different characters (20042014)] / Bonkers [4 episodes as Debbie Hooper (2007)] / Fear, Stress and Anger [6 episodes as Chloe Chadwick (2007)] / The Last Detective: Once Upon A Time Of The Westway (2007) / Casualty [4 episodes, different characters (20072014)] / My Family: Let's Not Be Heisty (2008)

After Who:
Films: Osiris (2014), Joan of Arc: God's Warrior [as Joan of Arc] (2015), You, Me and Him (2017)
Television: Spooks: Code 9 [6 episodes as Kylie (2008)] / Agatha Christie's Marple: Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (2009) / Merlin: Sweet Dreams (2009) / Playhouse: - Live: Hens (2010) / Thorne - Sleepyhead [2 episodes as Sophie Holland (2010)] / White Van Man [13 episodes as Emma (20112012)] / In the Dark [4 episodes as Jenny (2017)] / Staged [21 episodes as Georgia Tennant (20202022)] / Meet the Richardsons [2 episodes as Georgia Tennant (2022)] / The Sandman: Dreams Of A Thousand Cats [voice only] (2022) / The Horne Section TV Show [6 episodes as Ash (2022)] / Dog Squad [3 episodes, voice only (2022)
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