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Fast X

The gang is back together and this time the Son of the villain from Fast V wants revenge. Lets face it, if you like the recent ones, you'd probably like this one (I thought it's the best one since V) If you don't like them and then this one won't change your mind. I really enjoyed Jason Momoa's performance in this, he stole this Movie in which he seemed to channel is inner Joker and Jack Sparrow.

It leaves on a cliffhanger and with the return of Gal Gadot, you can't take any of the deaths seriously.

Nowhere To Run

Jean-Claude Van Damme is on the run and ends up protecting Rosanna Arquette and her children as they have to fend off Joss Ackland and his heavies as he wants her land. Not as action packed as some of Van Damme's previous films but it's rather enjoyable.


Movie Adaption of the 80's TV show which sees Liam Neeson lead Bradley Cooper, Quentin Jackson and Sharlto Copley as they try to clear their names after being framed. Dodgy CGI aside, I thought that this was a lot of fun with Jackson being afraid to fly after Copley flies a Helicopter quite funny.
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