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Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

I don't know if last night i was simply in the right mood but i thought this much maligned ninth X-Men installment was excellent.

I have seen it before but couldn't have told you a thing about it prior to putting on the Blu-ray so it was like watching a new film.

It's a fairly straightforward story about the first mutant the ancient En Sabah Nur aka Apocalypse is inadvertently revived in 1983, and he plans to wipe out modern civilization and take over the world, leading the X-Men to try to stop him and defeat his team of mutants which includes Magneto (Michael Fessbender)

The story introduces characters and allows them time to breathe such as giving Magneto a new life and then cruelly taking it away from him, before we get to some cracking action set pieces and a wonderfully constructed sequence where Quicksilver (Evan Peters) saves everyone from an explosion that destroys Charles Xavier's (James McAvoy) school for the gifted.

As extras in the fun department we have both Venom with Countess Bathory and Metallica (The Four Horsemen) on the soundtrack plus an obligatory and very relevant cameo from you know who.
I couldn't tell you a thing about this Film either.
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