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A sort of sequel too number 5 , a gloriously deranged Jason Momoa plays the bad guy seeking revenge on Dom and his family. As usual the film denies logic and the laws of physics and gets more absurd as it goes on. Enjoyable but if you didn't like the others you won't like this one.

An absolute classic that's nearly perfect from the direction too the wonderful John Williams score.

While not a patch on the original it's far better than what follows. Once again a shark is mencing the folks of amity so it's up to Brody to put a stop to the shark whom doesn't have the help of Richard Dreyfuss this time.

Those Brody's don't have any luck with sharks do they!

This time it's the oldest son , who has turned into Dennis Quaid and is working at SeaWorld when mommy shark comes looking for it's baby.

Look out for Louis Gosset JR as the owner ', Simon MacCorkindale as a big game hunter and a pre back too the future Lea Thompson. It's ok and that's it, the 3d effects look awful don't know if they would of looked better in 3D but I doubt it.

Now watching .

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