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Originally Posted by mr 420 View Post
Mad Foxes (1981).

A big fav of mine from the pre cert days. I would love to see an uncut uk dvd release. It also had one of the most enticing covers going (good old Merlin video), with various descriptions of the levels of violence and the age of consent, not to mention a shot gun weilding, gimp mask wearing psycho!

It really has to be one of the most over the top films ever made and a hoot to boot!

Does anybody else feel the same way about this slice of euro sleaze, or am I just fit to be certified?
I agree with everything you`ve said,I have the uncut ABCDVD which looks really good.
Favourite piece of dialogue is when the bike gang go into the karate class and throw a grenade in and one of them says"Hello bastards heres a little present for you".Brilliant!

Only complaint from me is that there are too many lingering shots of male genitilia.
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