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The new console looks far too chaotic to me...And what was that empty glass bottle going up and down?
Looked more like a mad inventor version of the console...Perhaps Cushing's Doctor had a hand in designing it!

As for the new story....

I wish they'd shove the choirs up their arse!! Overblown pretension! Even shoved them on the credit music now.

Smith is still damn weird looking, but I like his performance and I think the old head on young shoulders thing will work well here.
And at least he does not shout and make stupid noises as much as Tennant (or have that shouty pseudo-Cockney shtick).

But (yet again) everything is made very hard to follow (must be half impossible for little kids) thanks to having to SHOUT THE ENTIRE ****ING PLOT AND EXPLANATIONS WHILE RUNNING because you have only one episode to actually tell a complex story.

Worse when the story also has to introduce a new Doctor...Hell the old series could take a total of a whole episode's running time spread throughout the 4 part story just to introduce a new Doctor.

Flawed to buggery by the stupid time restrictions, saddled with pompous choral noise and far too SHOUTY...but it could herald something less tiresome and more watchable than most of the Tennant era.

In fact this whole AGGHHHHHHGGHHHHAGHH attitude of the new re-boot was summed up at Tennant's end by the stupid as hell idea to turn a simple regeneration into a ****ing nuclear explosion that almost destroyed the Tardis (WHY?!) and nearly killed this new Doctor before he even started.
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